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L.J. (Leo) van. vol 78 (2014) nr. 4/6 p. 109-112

The eponyms honoring Tetsuaki Kira; a note on the nomenclature of the molluscan taxonomic epithets kirai, kirana, kiranum and kiranus

Three different epithets, i.e. kirai, kirana and kiranus, all based on the male Japanese malacologist Tetsuaki Kira, have been used for naming new molluscan species. The Latinized names are kirai, a noun in the genitive case, and kiranus, an adjective. The original spelling of the former is to be retained, the latter must agree with the generic name. However, kirana, could be a Latinizion, and thus an adjective, or a Japanese word. If it is the latter, the original spelling is fixed. Arguments for both views are put forward. It is concluded that kirana is most probably a Latinized word.


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