The region around Tolkamer (Province of Gelderland, the Netherlands) has traditionally been an area where and where several Orobanche species occur and where broomrapes grow in large numbers. Since the beginning of this century, a new species can be added to the species list of Tolkamer, namely Orobanche amethystea. This article discusses the features of this species and its occurrence in the Netherlands and Europe. It also presents extensive habitat data and vegetation relevés from the site at Tolkamer.

Gorteria Dutch Botanical Archives

CC BY 3.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding")

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

B. te Linde, L.-J. van den Berg, & C. A. J. Kreutz. (2022). Orobanche amethystea Thuill. (Violette bremraap), nieuw voor Nederland. Gorteria Dutch Botanical Archives, 44(1), 62–81.