Two new Gliridae (Dormice) species, Peridyromys darocensis and P. sondaari, are described from the Lower Miocene of the Villafeliche area in the Calatayud-Daroca Basin. The teeth of P. darocensis are relatively small and their pattern is more complex than that of P. murinus from the Lower Miocene of Western Europe and more simple than that of P. sondaari. The teeth of P. sondaari are slightly larger and more complex than those of P. darocensis. The latter species is the ancestor of P. sondaari. The stratigraphic range of this lineage is from latest MN3 to earliest MN5 and covers approximately one million years.


CC BY 3.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding")

Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam

R. Daams. (1999). Peridyromys darocensis and Peridyromys sondaari, two new species of Gliridae from the Lower Miocene (MN3-5) of the Calatayud-Daroca Basin, Zaragosa, Spainfull. Deinsea, 7(1), 83–90.