After a breeding attempt on a greenhouse in 2018 had failed, a Buzzard pair again nested on a greenhouse in 2019. Although the previous nest had been removed, the pair built a new nest in exactly the same site in the gutter of two coupled greenhouses (height 3.7 m), even after the first attempt in early March had failed when gale-force winds had swept the nest away. At the time, no activities of man were recorded in the greenhouses. The pair produced three eggs (estimated start of laying 1-2 April), which hatched around 8 May. When the chicks were some 13 days old, the male of the pair (sexed on the basis of body mass, i.e. 747 g) fatally crashed inside one of the greenhouses. Despite the loss of her mate, the female successfully raised three chicks by herself, facilitated to some extent by local people who provided carrion in the form of road casualties (hares, rabbits, pigeons). The last brancher was recorded on 20 June. It is thought that scarcity of trees may have induced this pair to occupy an aberrant nesting site.