A small survey of Corsican spiders and pseudoscorpions was carried out in the vicinity of the village of Porto on the west coast and in a few other places towards the airport at Bastia. Fourteen spider species are added to the Corsican spider fauna. Among these, Pelecopsis digitulus Bosmans & Abrous, 1992 (Linyphiidae: Erigoninae) and Steatoda trianguloides Levy, 1991 (Theridiidae: Latrodectinae) are reported from Europe for the first time.

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Nieuwsbrief SPINED

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J. Lissner. (2016). A small study of the Corsican spider and pseudoscorpion fauna (Araneae, Pseudoscorpiones). Nieuwsbrief SPINED, 36, 5–15.

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