The ground spider Poecilochroa taborensis Levy, 1999 previously known only from Israel is reported here from Greece and Cyprus. The relationship with the closely related Trichothyse africana (Tucker, 1923) is discussed. Macarophaeus sabulum Wunderlich, 2011 was found to be conspecific with P. taborensis and views on the placement of the species in Poecilochroa or Macarophaeus are presented.

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Nieuwsbrief SPINED

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EIS Kenniscentrum Insecten en andere ongewervelden

J. Lissner, & M. Chatzaki. (2016). First records of Poecilochroa taborensis Levy, 1999 (Araneae: Gnaphosidae) from Greece and Cyprus with notes on some closely related species. Nieuwsbrief SPINED, 36, 16–21.

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