During the spring of 2017, spiders of 203 identified species were collected in the region of Calabria, Southern Italy. A list of collected species is given. Fifty five species are new records for Calabria. Five species are reported as new for Italy: Pardosa paludicola (Clerck, 1757), Evarcha michailovi Logunov, 1992, Heliophanus simplex Simon, 1868, Dipoena umbratilis (Simon, 1873), and Xysticus macedonicus Šilhavý, 1944. Some species could not be identified as yet: Spermophorides spec., Diplocephalus spec., Lepthyphantes s.l. spec., Pelecopsis spec., and Xysticus spec. The status of Platnickina nigropunctata (Lucas, 1946) is discussed.

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