Reported is the rediscovery of Nymphaea candida in Gaasterland, Province of Friesland, the Netherlands. The species was seen here for the last time in 1978, but a survey of the larger area around Oudemirdum showed that N. candida is not rare in this area. Its distribution area is discussed and a table with discriminative characters of N. alba and N. candida is given.

Nymphaea candida, Nymphaea alba, Province of Friesland, cryptic species, Netherlands
Gorteria Dutch Botanical Archives , Gorteria Dutch Botanical Archives

CC BY 3.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding")

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

R. Haveman, & D. Venema. (2021). Nymphaea candida C. Presl & J. Presl nog steeds aanwezig in Gaasterland. Gorteria Dutch Botanical Archives, 43(1), 24–26.