The type series of the hydrobiid taxon Neohoratia herreroi Bech, 1993, is composed of the holotype and 10 paratypes, deposited in “Museu de Ciències Naturals” of Barcelona, and three paratypes in the "Museu Valencià d'Història Natural" of Alginet (Valencia). The holotype shows that N. herreroi is a valid Corrosella species. Corrosella hauffei (Delicado & Ramos, 2012) should be considered a junior synonym of Corrosella herreroi (Bech, 1993). Two of the paratypes of N. herreroi are here reassigned to Mercuria spec. A map of the geographical distribution of this Iberian endemic species is presented

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A. Martínez-Ortí. (2018). Taxonomic revision of Neohoratia herreroi Bech, 1993 (Gastropoda, Hydrobiidae). Basteria, 82(1-3), 38–42.