Interview with the winner of the Lenders Prize 2019. Petra van Leeuwen has been the driving force behind the successful Pond Adoption Program of schools in the city of Eindhoven. About 35 schools and 4.000 – 5.000 children per year are involved in maintenance of, and education on, pond life. Beside that, she is a secretary and a very active member of the Poelenwerkgroep Eindhoven who monitor about 100 ponds on an annual basis in a fruitfull coöperation with the pond owners (including Brabants Landschap, Brabant Water and the Municipality of Eindhoven). As a passionate fieldworker she is also involved in a re-introduction project of Spadefoot toads.

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S. Bogaerts. (2020). Juf met schepnet: Petra van Leeuwen. RAVON, 22(3), 58–59.
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