A comprehensive survey of the distribution of the Family Sepiolidae of the Continental Shelf of the North Atlantic Ocean was performed, from the Portuguese-Spanish border to Bergen, Norway (42°N to 62,50°N, respectively). Eleven species in six genera were caught: Sepiola atlantica, S. pfefferi, S. ligulata, S. tridens, Rondeletiola minor, Sepietta neglecta, Sepietta oweniana, Rossia macrosoma, R. palpebrosa, Neorossia caroli and Stoloteuthis leucoptera. The geographic distribution of each of these species is presented in maps based on sea areas divided into ICES station rectangles of half a degree latitude and one degree longitude. The horizontal distribution and depth preferences of each species were analysed. To aid identification, a brief morphological redescription of each species is provided.

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Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging

A. de Heij, J. Goud, & J. Martin. (2017). The distribution of Sepiolidae (Cephalopoda) in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean. Basteria, 81(1-3), 37–50.