Lindbergia garganoensis Gittenberger & Eikenboom, 2006, a taxon with mainly a south-Balkan distribution, is the only Italian species assigned to the genus Lindbergia Riedel, 1959. The assignment to this genus, as documented by the peculiar spiral microsculpture of the teleoconch, has never been confirmed by anatomical data. Because this species was only known conchologically, a correct, anatomically-based generic classification within the Pristilomatidae was not possible. Due to the availability of some living specimens, the genitalia could be studied and Lindbergia garganoensis assigned its correct placement within the Pristilomatidae. The species is now classified into the genus Vitrea Fitzinger, 1833 because of the following diagnostic characters: absence of an epiphallus, presence of a sarcobelum inside the penis, presence of a vaginal gland and a very small bursa copulatrix.

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G. Nardi, A. Braccia, S. Cianfanelli, & M. Bodon. (2019). Revision of the systematic position of Lindbergia garganoensis Gittenberger & Eikenboom, 2006, with reassignment to Vitrea Fitzinger, 1833 (Gastropoda, Eupulmonata, Pristilomatidae). Basteria, 83(1-3), 19–28.