Within the genus Pyrenaearia P. Hesse, 1921, Pyrenaearia cantabrica (Hidalgo, 1873), from the nw Iberian Peninsula, is the species with the widest distribution and variability. Herein we discuss the taxa included within the P. cantabrica clade sensu Elejalde et al. (2009), including photographs of types and live specimens, and we identify the correct type localities of the alpine taxa P. schaufussi (Kobelt, 1876), P. oberthuri (Ancey, 1884) and P. daanidentata Raven, 1988. For P. cantabrica, P. schaufussi and P. oberturi lectotypes are designated. This provides a solid basis for further study of this clade. It is shown that some specimens used in past molecular studies of Pyrenaearia were attributed to a wrong taxon.

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A.A. Suárez, H. Raven, & S. Quiñonero-Salgado. (2019). The Iberian Pyrenaearia cantabrica (Hidalgo, 1873) clade: elucidation of the type localities of its taxa (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Hygromiidae). Basteria, 83(4-6), 169–180.