A new strombid genus (Spinatus gen. nov.) is described from the Miocene of Indonesia. Two new species of Spinatus from the middle and upper Miocene of Indonesia are described: S. echinatus spec. nov. and S. wonosariensis spec. nov. The former is selected as the type species of Spinatus. A third species, Strombus (Strombus) tjilonganensis Martin, 1899, is here assigned to the new genus. Notes are given on the genus Persististrombus Kronenberg & Lee, 2007 as its species show the highest similarity with Spinatus. Furthermore, a characterization is given of the fossil-rich, but previously unknown, Miocene assemblage from the area of Wonosari (Java).

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A.M. Dekkers, V. Liverani, S. Ćorić, S.J. Maxwell, & B.M. Landau. (2020). A new genus for Indo-Pacific fossil strombids, and two new species from the Miocene of Java and Borneo (Caenogastropoda, Strombidae). Basteria, 84(1-3), 1–9.
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