We examined the collection in the Museum der Natur Gotha (mng) for specimens of Stromboidea, once in the collection of the German physicist Joachim Friedrich Bolten, first described in a sales catalogue by Peter Friedrich Röding in 1798 and subsequently auctioned in 1819. We were able to recognize nine specimens of Stromboidea originating from the Bolten collection with certainty, all once in the private collection of Friedrich Christian Schmidt, that is indicated as ex Bolten in the collection catalogue of mng. Apart from that, we discovered 45 specimens acquired possibly once being part of the Bolten collection. A critical listing of all Stromboidea we encountered in Röding’s sales catalogue is added. Names attributed to Bolten (= Röding) by the compiler of the catalogue in mng are discussed. Turris operosa Röding, 1798 is the first available name for Strombus turritus Lamarck, 1822 (non Röding, 1798 nec Link, 1807) and is here recombined to Doxander operosus (Röding, 1798) comb. nov.. The family-level taxon Seraphsidae should be attributed to Gray, 1853 and the genus-level taxon Terebellum should be attributed to Bruguière, 1798. Lectotypes are designated for ; Lambis velum; Lambis contorta; Tibia indiarum; Turris operosa; and Terebellum lineatum all of Röding, 1798. There are two different printings of the Museum Boltenianum by Röding. Possible future research is briefly addressed.

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G.C. Kronenberg, & U. Wieneke. (2020). Röding’s Stromboidea (Caenogastropoda): the remains of the Bolten collection in the Museum der Natur Gotha (Germany), a critical review of Röding’s taxa, and notes on the Schmidt catalogue. Basteria, 84(1-3), 85–126.