A new species of Chicoreus (Triplex) is described from the Sudan in the Red Sea. It is compared with three closely related, allopatric species from the Red Sea: C. (T.) corrugatus (G.B. Sowerby ii, 1841); C. (T.) ethiopius Vokes, 1978; and C. (T.) teva Houart & Lorenz, 2016, as well as with C. (T.) strigatus (Reeve, 1849) and C. (T.) paini Houart, 1983 from the Indo-West Pacific. Chicoreus (Triplex) corrugatus ethiopius is here given the status of a valid species.

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R. Houart, & F. Lorenz. (2020). Chicoreus (Triplex) kahlbrocki spec. nov. (Neogastropoda: Muricidae) from the Sudan with comments on related congeners. Basteria, 84(4-6), 164–169.
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