Butterflies in the Netherlands still under pressure (Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera) New information on the Dutch Rhopalocera fauna since the distribution atlas of Tax (1989) is presented. Coenonympha pamphilus was common in large parts of the Netherlands, but has declined dramatically. C. arcania is now formally extinct in our country. An extensive research showed that Maculinea alcon ericae has dissappeared from many sites. Furthermore the smallest of the two remaining populations of Heteropterus morpheus seems to have gone extinct. On the other hand, Callophrys rubi, has colonized new territory. Lampidus boeticus, was observed once as an adult and once a caterpillar was found between snow peas from Egypt. Colias croceus was very abundant in 1998. The reintroductions of Maculinea teleius and M. nausithous in 1990 appear to have been successful.