Checklist of the Dutch Branchiopoda The last checklist of the Dutch Branchiopoda was published fifteen years ago. Since then twelve new species have been added to the Dutch fauna: Pleopis polyphemoides, Bythotrephes longimanus, Daphnia x obscura, D. x krausi, D. galeata, D. x tecta, D. atkinsoni, Ilyocryptus spinosus, I. cuneatus, I. silvaeducensis, Alona weltneri and Chirocephalus diaphanus. The new checklist counts 105 indigenous species of which 100 species belong to the Cladocera, two to the Notostraca and Anostraca and only one to the Conchostraca. Another nine species, which might be expected to be found in the Netherlands in future, are mentioned in the list between square brackets [ ]. These are briefly discussed.