Recently two exotic tubeworms new to the fauna of the Netherlands have been recorded in inshore waters in the delta area: Desdemona ornata and Pseudopolydora paucibranchiata. Within the Polychaeta these worms belong to the group of the Sedentaria. These construct a tube, in which the body of the worm is hidden. The head and feeding appendages protrude from the opening. Most probably these tubes are a major factor in the transport of these animals around the world, as they provide excellent shelters when they are attached to the hull of a ship or commercially traded shellfish.

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Nederlandse Faunistische Mededelingen

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M.A. Faasse. (2016). Dispersal of the invasive tubeworms Desdemona ornata and Pseudopolydora paucibranchiata to the Netherlands (Polychaeta: Sedentaria). Nederlandse Faunistische Mededelingen, 46, 49–56.