A previously unrecognized new genus, Denticulofusus (type species: Fusus gothicus Deshayes, 1834, Lutetian of the Paris Basin, France) is proposed for Middle Eocene columbariine turbinellid gastropods with a labral tooth situated at the outer lip at the end of a spiral groove. Additional species, both from the Lutetian and Priabonian of the Cotentin Basin of Normandy, France, are respectively D. monicae (Belliard, Gain & Le Renard, 2017) and D. cavelieri (Gain & Le Renard, 2017). The presence of the labral tooth distinguishes Denticulofusus from the Eocene to Recent genus Coluzea Finlay in Allan, 1926, and the Eocene genus Falsifusus Grabau, 1904.

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Cainozoic research

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Geerat J. Vermeij, & Jean-Michel Pacaud. (2019). A new Eocene genus of Columbariidae (Gastropoda: Turbinelloidea) with a labral tooth. Cainozoic research, 19(2), 117–120.