The genus Chriskingia Janssen, in Janssen & Wilson (2019, p. 81), was recently introduced for the species Atlanta rotundata Gabb, 1873, described from the late Miocene of the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately it was found out, shortly after publication of the name, that Pilsbry (1922, p. 314) had already introduced the name Atlantidea, as a subgenus of Atlanta Lesueur, 1817, based on the same type species Atlanta rotundata Gabb, 1873. This makes Chriskingia an objective junior synonym of Atlantidea Pilsbry, 1922. This synonymy is the more embarrassing as the name was meant to honour the late Dr Christopher King and now his eponym is bound to disappear into synonymy. Even the fact that the name Atlantidea is quite obscurely hidden in Pilsbry’s text is no excuse: mea maxima culpa!