In this paper we review the Conoidea of the Tortonian upper Miocene (Assemblage I of Van Dingenen et al., 2015) of northwestern France. Eighty-four species are recorded, of which 42 are new: Eoconus cambieni nov. sp., Eoconus vanhoutenae nov. sp., Aphanitoma roesti nov. sp., Pleurotomoides barnardi nov. sp., Pleurotomoides vanderdoncki nov. sp., Mitromorpha (s.s.) mulderi nov. sp., Bactrocythara pascaleae nov. sp., Bela henkmulderi nov. sp., Bela keukelaari nov. sp., Bela pseudomegastoma nov. sp., Bela pseudovulpecula nov. sp., Bela redoniana nov. sp., Bela scarponii nov. sp., Bela sceauxensis nov. sp., Mangelia burgersae nov. sp., Andonia delgadoi nov. sp., Buccinaria minuscula nov. sp., Clathromangelia daisyae nov. sp., Clathromangelia densecostata nov. sp., Clathromangelia hakkennesi nov. sp., Clathromangelia helwerdae nov. sp., Clathromangelia karinneae nov. sp., Clathromangelia pereirae nov. sp., Clathromangelia vannieulandei nov. sp., Clathromangelia wopkeae nov. sp., Cyrillia michalidesi nov. sp., Daphnella (Paradaphne) groeneveldi nov. sp., Leufroyia annegienae nov. sp., Leufroyia hesseli nov. sp., Leufroyia ligeriana nov sp., Leufroyia renauleauensis nov. sp., Leufroyia riccardoi nov. sp., Leufroyia seani nov sp., Raphitoma breitenbergeri nov. sp., Raphitoma dellabellaorum nov. sp., Raphitoma soniusae nov. sp., Raphitoma vogeli nov. sp., Teretia horroi nov. sp., Clavatula sceauxensis nov. sp., Haedropleura brebioni nov. sp., Haedropleura gallica nov. sp., Haedropleura ligeriana nov. sp. The assemblage is highly endemic, with 90% of the species restricted to the Neogene deposits of northwestern France. This probably accounts for the strong predisposition for nonplanktotrophic-type protoconchs. This has also been seen in previous parts of this series, but is even more strongly marked amongst the Conoidea.

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Cainozoic Research

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Bernard M. Landau, Frank van Dingenen, & Luc Ceulemans. (2020). The upper Miocene gastropods of northwestern France, 5.Conoidea. Cainozoic Research, 20(1), 3–107.