Parotodus benedenii (Le Hon, 1871) from the Antwerpen Sand Member (Middle Miocene) in Berchem (Antwerp, Belgium). Since the 19th century, elasmobranch remains from the Miocene have been discovered during temporary excavations in and around the city of Antwerp (Flemish Region, Belgium). Unfortunately, the exact stratigraphic origin of this material is often missing or unreliable. This is also the case for the large, cosmopolitan, pelagic shark species Parotodus benedenii (Le Hon, 1871) which rarely visited the shallow coastal environment in which the Berchem Formation was deposited. In 2015, a single tooth was found in the Turritella eryna phosphoritic horizon in the basal part of the Antwerpen Sand Member (Berchem Formation, Langhian) at a temporary excavation in Berchem. This specimen is described and some additional remarks are made.

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Stijn Everaert. (2020). Parotodus benedenii (Le Hon, 1871) uit het Zand van Antwerpen (Midden Mioceen) te Berchem (Antwerpen, België). Afzettingen, 41(2), 36–40.