It is generally accepted that the summer period is the best period to collect desmids. The question is if that is the best period for all habitats. Zygospores of desmids are rather rare. Is there a preferable period to find them? From data, based on 13 years of research in the province of Drenthe, it is shown that for habitats that are prone to desiccation the best time of the year to find desmids and their zygospores will be the month of April.

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Desmidiologische Mededelingen

CC BY 4.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding")

Nederlandse Sieralgenwerkgroep

M.C. van Westen. (2021). Sieralgen bemonsteren, maar wanneer?. Desmidiologische Mededelingen, 6, 11–15.