A dead adult female Peregrine Falcon was retrieved from the bridge across the Waal at Nijmegen, The Netherlands, on 21 July 2019; the bird was stuck in the upper part of the bridge and had already been reported in March 2019. Cause of death remained unknown, but a resident pair of Peregrines, first-time nesters on the bridge, may have had a territorial conflict with this wintering bird. Apart from metal ring and colourring (Y-F07) the female carried a sender. It had been ringed as an adult female on the island of Kolguev in the Barentsz Sea on 6 June 2018 by Olga Kulikova. The bird had been tracked up to mid October 2018, the last signal having come from Denekamp in the eastern Netherlands, some 100 km NE of Nijmegen.