The present Checklist of the Flora of the Netherlands 2020 is the updated seventh edition in the series ‘Checklist of the Flora of the Netherlands’ and gives an up-to-date survey of the vascular plant species occurring in the Netherlands. The present Checklist gives for each species: (1) the taxon code number, (2) the scientific name, (3) the vernacular name in Dutch, (5) the national Red List category to which it belongs, (5) the status of the taxon in the Dutch Species Register, (6) the rarity for four periods in the 20th and 21st century, (7) the origin and (8) – relevant for non-indigenous species – the period of naturalization. The species are arranged in alphabetical order of scientific names. The incorporation of the status in the Dutch Species Register is new in this edition of the Checklist. The present Checklist includes 1666 taxa – mainly species and only a few subspecies and cultivars –, which is 130 taxa more than the previous Checklist of 2003.

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Gorteria Dutch Botanical Archives

CC BY 3.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding")

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

H. Duistermaat, L.B. Sparrius, & T. Denters. (2021). Standaardlijst van de Nederlandse flora 2020. Gorteria Dutch Botanical Archives, 43(1), 109–156.