In this paper we review the Pyramidelloidea of the Tortonian upper Miocene (Assemblage I of Van Dingenen et al., 2015) of northwestern France. Seventy-eight species are recorded, of which 27 are new: Auristomia insulsa nov. sp., Megastomia pseudopolysarcula nov. sp., Menestho bertieae nov. sp., Odostomia fortistriata nov. sp., Odostomia robustissima nov. sp., Pseudoscilla breitenbergeri nov. sp., Ividella tuberculata nov. sp., Parthenina brebioni nov. sp., Parthenina chauvereauensis nov. sp., Parthenina clementiensis nov. sp., Parthenina lamellata nov. sp., Parthenina ligeriana nov. sp., Parthenina milleti nov. sp., Parthenina pouweri nov. sp., Parthenina redoniana nov. sp., Parthenina sceauxensis nov. sp., Parthenina tenuicostata nov. sp., Parthenina wesselinghi nov. sp., Pyrgulina cancellatissima nov. sp.; Pyrgulina presselierensis nov. sp., Spiralinella pagoda nov. sp., Careliopsis gallica nov. sp., Chemnitzia miogallica nov. sp., Chemnitzia robusticostata nov. sp., Eulimella redoniana nov. sp. Eulimella semilaeve nov. sp., and Clathrella semilaeve nov. sp. Odontostomia rissoides var. pupa Gougerot, 1969 non A. Adams, 1860 is replaced by Odostomia miopupa nom. nov. Parthenia (Pyrgisculus) longula Boettger, 1902 is considered a junior subjective synonym, and Chrysallida interita Van der Linden & Eikenboom, 1992 is considered a junior objective synonym of Pyrgulina parvula (Nyst, 1845). The assemblage is strongly endemic, with 69% of the species restricted to the Neogene deposits of western France. This figure is consistent with that found in other parts of this series on the Assemblage I fauna, although with this group of very small species it is likely that they have been understudied in the European Neogene possibly contributing to their apparent endemism.

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Cainozoic research

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Bernard M. Landau, Pasquale Micali, Frank van Dingenen, & Luc Ceulemans. (2020). The upper Miocene gastropods of northwestern France, 7.Pyramidelloidea. Cainozoic research, 20(2), 279–364.