A new species of the genus Rubus L. (Rosaceae), R. paraplicatus K. Meijer, is described. The new species was discovered in the south of the Province of Friesland, the Netherlands, and belongs to the series Rubus. It differs from the other species of the Rubus plicatus-complex, R. plicatus, R. opacus and R. bertramii, by its glabrous anthers and hairy receptacles, its broad, almost triangular ovate, very gradually attenuated terminal leaflets, and its simple racemose inflorescences that are either entirely prickleless or are set with very few prickles. The centre of the distribution area of Rubus paraplicatus is the Province of Friesland and the adjacent areas in the Province of Drenthe, but the distribution area extends eastwards to Hannover in Lower Saxonia, Germany, southwards to Sprang-Capelle in the Province of Noord-Brabant, and westwards to the dune forests around the Hague in the Province of South-Holland, the Netherlands.