The fossiliferous Edegem Sand Member (Miocene) yielded a number of shark and ray teeth over the past 30 years, which are here listed, briefly discussed and illustrated. In total, 20 taxa are now recognized from this member, 18 of which could be identified to species level and 2 are kept in open nomenclature. Older collections from the type locality exclusively contain large material, whereas more modern collections, involving sieving on a fine mesh, added small material to the inventory. The latter samples were primarily taken from the Aporrhais level, exposed in two excavations in the immediate vicinity of the type locality. These excavations also allowed the detailed documentation of the lithological section, which had not been recorded before.

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Kristiaan Hoedemakers, & Leo Dufraing. (2021). Elasmobranchii uit het Zand van Edegem (Mioceen van België). Afzettingen, 42(2), 48–61.