In 2020 20 pairs of White-tailed Eagles occupied a nest in wetlands in The Netherlands. At least 18 pairs commenced egg-laying. Fourteen pairs were successful, raising a total of 22 fledglings, of which 11 were colour-ringed. Breeding sites are still mainly situated in large nature reserves with restricted human access and large freshwater bodies. If not, human disturbances were common, resulting in nest failure. The expansion in 2020 suggests colonization of inland areas in the region of river IJssel. Recent settlements were a mixture of Dutch recruits and birds from German origin. The ongoing colonization of potential breeding areas and present reproductive output of Dutch White-tailed Eagles allow further expansion of the Dutch breeding population.

De Takkeling

CC BY 3.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding")

Werkgroep Roofvogels Nederland

S. van Rijn, A. van den Berg, P. de Boer, J. Dekker, S. Deuzeman, R. Kleefstra, & D. van Straalen. (2021). Broedende Zeearenden Haliaeetus albicilla in Nederland in 2020. De Takkeling, 29(1), 54–60.