In 2020, 22 breeding pairs of Red Kites were located in The Netherlands, all of with nests. Nine out of 22 pairs were successful; 4 pairs did not commence egg-laying and 9 pairs failed. Half of the pairs built new nests, the rest used old nests of Carrion Crows or Buzzards. The number of chicks per pair was: 9x 0, 1x 1, 3x 2 and 5x 3, i.e. 1.0 fledglings per pair and 2.4 fledglings per successful pair. Start of laying ranged from 25 March through 25 April, and averaged 9 April. Breeding success was low in the regions of Overijssel and Limburg, i.e. the provinces with most recent and new settlements and failed breeding attempts (first-time breeders?)