Along the dyke of the province of Groningen, covering a length of 26 km between Delfzijl and Nieuwe Statenzijl, 40 Kestrel nest boxes had been erected in the past with some 650 m in between boxes. 17 out of 40 nest boxes were occupied by Kestrels, another nest box by an Eyptian Goose Alopochen aegyptiaca (6 eggs, parents seen near box with 4 goslings). Start of laying varied between 22 March and 16 May (mean 12 April), clutch size was 1x 2 (possibly incomplete), 2x 3, 2x 5, 8x 6 and 4x 7 eggs (mean 5.5). 16 out 17 pairs were successful, raising on average 4.4 chicks per pair.