In the province of Zeeland, southwestern Netherlands, Hobbies are scarce as a breeding bird, with an estimated 25-40 breeding pairs in 2018. Breeding in the vicinity of the village of Rilland-Bath is known since at least 2010. In recent years, clearfelling of poplars along roads had locally diminished the potential number of breeding sites (crow’s nests). In 2020, breeding was confirmed on a fresh crow’s nest at a height of 65 m in an electricity pylon (Carrion Crows Corvus corone recently fledged), with Hobbies showing interest in the nest on 3 June. Incubation presumably started on 13 June, given the female’s behaviour. Incubation/brooding lasted till 17 July, when the female was recorded as ‘sitting high’, indicating the presence of chicks (estimated chick age 4 days old). On 4 August, chicks were first seen practicing their wings, and had left the nest for the first time on 7 August. Short flights were undertaken from 10 August onwards. The nest was increasingly used just for plucking prey, with the fledglings dispersing in ever wider distances from the nest. Passing Woodpigeons and Jackdwas were pursued, and prey transfer in the air was recorded on 25 August (some 400 m away from the nest). All three fledglings were recorded through 15 September (last feeding recorded on 13 September), two fledglings on 18 September and the last observation of a single fledgling was 22 September. The female was highly aggressive towards other raptors, including Kestrel Falco tinnunculus, Goshawk Accipiter gentilis and Buzzard Buteo buteo. Hunting was recorded up to at least 5 km away from the nest, including near human habitation (village of Rilland). On 1 August, 7:10, when the chicks were 18 days old, a copulation was recorded on the electricity pylon holding the nest.