In this paper we review the Murchisonelloidea and Pyramidelloidea of the lower Piacenzian, upper Pliocene of Estepona, southern Spain. The same groups from the roughly contemporaneous Atlantic assemblage of the Mondego Basin, central-west Portugal have also been reviewed and included in the distribution data, but not figured. Six species of Murchisonelloidea are recorded, representing three genera, of which none are new. Pyramidelloidea are represented by 38 genera, of which two are new Lafolletteia nov. gen. and Mulderia nov. gen., and 178 species, of which 15 are new: Liostomia wilvanderstoelae nov. sp., Odostomia malagensis nov. sp., Ondina pinguis nov. sp., Mulderia mulderi nov. sp., Pyrgulina marliesae nov. sp., Chemnitzia silvai nov. sp., Pyrgiscus jaapmulderi nov. sp., Turbonilla bincki nov. sp., Turbonilla bongiardinoi nov. sp., Turbonilla crovatoi nov. sp., Turbonilla malacitana nov. sp., Turbonilla mauroi nov. sp., Turbonilla plioalboranensis nov. sp., Turbonilla velerinensis nov. sp., and Eulimella ariejansseni nov. sp. whilst 16 species are left in open nomenclature. The following are new synonymies: Parthenina semiornata Cerulli-Irelli, 1914 is considered a junior subjective synonym of Parthenina decussata (Montagu, 1803), Parthenina incerta Milaschewitsch, 1916 is considered a junior subjective synonym of Spiralina alpinoligustica (Sacco, 1892), the genus Salassiella Dall & Bartsch, 1909 is considered a junior subjective synonym of Trabecula Monterosato, 1884 Pyrgulina (Parthenina) dollfusi Cossmann 1921 is a junior homonym of Parthenia dollfusi Kobelt, 1903 and is renamed Parthenina pacaudi nom. nov.

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Cainozoic research

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Bernard M. Landau, & Pasquale Micali. (2021). The Pliocene Gastropoda (Mollusca) of Estepona, southern Spain. Part 13: Murchisonelloidea and Pyramidelloidea. Cainozoic research, 21(2), 201–393.