In the past four to five decades, the Vossenveld Formation exposed in the Winterswijk Muschelkalk quarry has proven to be a treasure trove for research on marine vertebrates from the Anisian. To this day, fish fossils remained largely in the shadow of signifi cant finds of sea reptile remains that received full attention over the years. Due to specifi cenvironmental circumstances, the number of fish species that lived in this part of the Muschelkalk Sea seems to be relatively limited. However, different genera were identified as soon as the collected fossils were systematically studied for the first time. And since the publication of the noteworthy article on the fish of the Winterswijk Muschelkalk by Oosterink and Poppe (1979), some additional species have been discovered. Here, we attempt to provide a complete overview of the species of fish that have been identified from the Winterswijk Vossenveld Formation to date.