This year our working group's annual excursion was to a peat area north of Ankeveen. Here we visited in 2000 a number of young peat holes that appeared to be very rich in desmids. How was the development of the desmids in the past 20 years? Unfortunately, the number of desmids decreased significantly here, probably due to deteriorated water quality. A total of approximately 140 species of desmids was still found in various locations in the area. Special attention has been paid to the distinction between Staurastrum crenulatum and St. manfeldtii var. parvum.

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Desmidiologische Mededelingen

CC BY 4.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding")

Nederlandse Sieralgenwerkgroep

M.C. van Westen, & B.F. van Tooren. (2023). Verslag van de sieralgenexcursie naar Hollands Ankeveen op 25 augustus 2023. Desmidiologische Mededelingen, 11, 13–19.