In the course of the 20th century many breeding sites of Hobbies in woodland and wellwooded farmland were deserted, apparently in favour of less dangerous breeding sites in open farmland. This also happened in the province of Drenthe. In 2012-22 42 nests were located, of which 40 in electricity pylons in open farmland in the eastern part of the province of Drenthe. Incidentally, nesting pairs still showed up on former breeding sites between 2017-21, i.e. one near Dwingelderveld in central Drenthe in 2018 (2 chicks fledged), and another near Amen in central Drenthe (where breeding had been recorded in 1998). The latter site was found to be occupied again in 2021. The nest in a hedgerow contained 1 egg on 17 June and 3 eggs on 26 June, the first two eggs had hatched on 18 July and 3 young fledged. The 76 prey items found in the vicinity of the nest referred to Barn Swallows (n=17), House Sparrows (14), White Wagtails (13), Yellow Wagtails (9), Swifts (7), insects (7) and a scattering of other avian prey plus a single Common Noctule Nyctalus noctula.