In the city of The Hague, A Hobby pair used an artificial nest in 2022. The first Hobby was observed on 24 April, with two birds present on 1 May. A nest visit was noted on 1 June, the female on the nest by 12 June and incubating on 26 June. Three chicks were visible on 31 July. Two chicks fledged on 9 August (branchers since 7 August). The third nestling remained on the nest till at least 30 August, was occasionally fed but apparently did not fledge. After 30 August, just the two fledglings remained till 25 September (last young recorded 9 October). The runt apparently was unable to fly, although wing practicing. It was not entangled in nesting material (checked). The reason for its retarded growth and behaviour is not known. Pictures did not reveal any signs of pinching-off.