Huber (2015) introduced a new name (nomen novum) Ensis leei for the recent American razorclam, formerly known as Ensis directus (Conrad, 1843) and Ensis americanus (Gould in Binney, 1870). Huber concluded that Van Urk (1972) was right in considering Conrad’s fossil species as different from the recent species. The name Solen ensis var. americanus proved preoccupied by Solen americanus Chenu, 1843, a junior synonym of Siliqua patula (Dixon, 1789). Because Huber could not find any valid name he introduced the new name E. leei. It is advised to use this name from now on.

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Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging

P. Moerdijk. (2016). Nieuwe wetenschappelijke naam voor de Amerikaanse zwaardschede: Ensis leei Huber, 2015. Spirula, 407, 19–19.