Shells of Heteropoda and Pteropoda are extremely rare occurrences as washed-ashore elements on Dutch beaches.The very few observations are re-identified and their whereabouts are given together with collection registration numbers. Finds of just seven species could be traced, namely the Heteropoda: Atlanta peronii Rang, 1817 and A. selvagensis de Vera & Seapy, 2006, and the Pteropoda: Limacina retroversa (Fleming, 1823), Creseis conica Eschscholtz, 1829, Clio (Bellardiclio) cuspidata (Bosc, 1802), Cavolinia inflexa (Lesueur, 1813) and Diacria trispinosa (de Blainville, 1821). All specimens were collected as empty shells with no soft parts remaining and were apparantly picked up from bottom material.