A Miocene layer with a rich fauna was found and excavated in the neighbourship Miste near the village of Winterwijk in the province of Gelderland. A cross-section is not made while it was too dangerous because of the danger of collapse. The section may be as follows. 0.00- ± 1.50 m. subsurface Boulderclay mixed with Miocene ± 1.50- ± 2.00 m. subsurface Glauconitesand without any fossils ± 2.00- ± 2.30 m. subsurface Blackish glauconitesand with fosforites, some sharkteeth and shells of Glycymeris ± 2.30- ± 4.00 m. subsurface The same, downwards a richer fauna, e.g. Turritella eryna, Chicoreus aquitanicus, Clavatula sp., Architectonia corocollatum. The fauna between 2.00-4.00 m. is according to A.W. Janssen (Rotterdam) of the age of the Hemmoorer-Stufe. Because there were transported, rounded fossils in the layer it is possible there are older layers in the surroundings of this excavation.