Calabria, a part of South Italy, lies in between the Ionian Sea and the Thyrenian Sea. Geologically very complicated and influenced by tectonic movements in the past, whilst these movements have not come to rest in the present days. Located between Mesozoïc and Tertiary formations of the Apenines in the north and the same formations of the Sicilian and North African mountains in the southwest, this area mainly consists of igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks of paleozoïc and mesozoïc age.

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Grondboor & Hamer

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Nederlandse Geologische Vereniging

Th.F. Rijnberg. (1969). Enige geologische aspecten van het stroomgebied van de Crati, Calabrië (Zuid-Italië). Grondboor & Hamer, 23(6), 234–243.