In this second part of our studies the form of whale vertebrae is discussed. Of these vertebrae in almost all cases the vertebral body alone is preserved. The various processus almost always are lacking. Most vertebral bodies are found isolated, seldom they occur in small groups. As vertebral bodies constitute the principal remains of our fossil whales they deserve special attention. The general properties of the vertebrae of the various regions of the vertebral column are discussed and illustrated. A typical structure of the whale vertebra, the sinus centralis, is described. This structure consists of a venous sinus situated in the center of the vertebral body. From this sinus straight vessels radiate in various directions. The two most prominent of these are going to two apertures situated in the bottom of the neural canal. The location of these apertures is dependent on the place of the vertebra in the vertebral column.

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Grondboor & Hamer

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Nederlandse Geologische Vereniging

F.J.M. Heslinga, & J. Schut. (1971). Studies over de Nederlandse fossiele Cetacea. Grondboor & Hamer, 25(4), 66–78.