Title: Crinoids from the Lower Cretaceous from the boundary-area Germany/Netherlands. After an explanation of the skeletal construct of the crinoids (example: Isocrinidae) the following species are described and pictured: Neocrinus tenellus (EICHWALD 1868): Precise description of stem- and cirral- remains. For the first time investigation of the length of an inter-nodium, which agrees with the recent species Neocrinus decorus WYVILLE THOMSON 1864. Description of a crown from the Lower Valanginian from Suddendorf (W.Germany), which belongs to Neocrinus tenellus very probable. ? Isocrinus cf. lissajouxi (LORIOL 1904): Description of some stem-remains. ? Isocrinus sp. 1 and ? Isocrinus sp. 2: Description of a few stem-remains perhaps belonging to new species. Furthermore the (probable lost) crinoids described by HAMM (1932) and some literature are discussed.