For the first time since SEELEY (1883), limb bones are discussed of Telmatosaurus dolloi (SEELEY) (Ornithischia, Hadrosauridae) from the southern part of the province of South Limburg, the Netherlands - type-locality of the Maastrichtian. The remains, originally deriving from a private collection but now present in the collections of museum Natura Docet at Denekamp, the Netherlands, comprise fragments of a femur, a tibia, and a fibula of Upper-Maastrichtian age. Their importance lies in the facts, firstly, that their geographical location is known, and, secondly, that their stratigraphical position could be determined; this is in contrast to the bones described earlier by SEELEY (1883).

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Grondboor & Hamer

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Nederlandse Geologische Vereniging

E.W.A. Mulder. (1984). Resten van Telmatosaurus (Ornithischia, Hadrosauridae) uit het Boven-Krijt van Zuid-Limburg. Grondboor & Hamer, 38(3/4), 108–115.