The September field meeting of 1995, of the Dutch Bryological and Lichenological Society, was held on the Waddensea-island of Ameland. 155 taxa of lichens and 3 lichenicolous fungi have been recorded. Stigmidium marinum is shown to represent a distinct lichen species. Caloplaca chlorina seems to be the correct name for what was called Caloplaca isidiigera. The saxicolous Lecania inundata was found as an epiphyte in the Netherlands for the first time. The lichenicolous fungi Hobsonia christiansenii and Syzygospora physciacearum are found for the first time in the Netherlands. Dr. P. Diederich is thanked for the identification of some lichenicolous fungi and Dr. A. Vězda for sending type material of Caloplaca isidiigera on loan.