Abstract. Kampsheide, a nature reserve between Rolde and Assen in the north of the province of Drenthe, has been investigated on bryophytes. The most remarkable finds are: Dicranum spurium in a wet Calluna-Erica-heath (in recent decades strongly in decline), Anisothecium rufescens in a ditch on loam, Orthotrichum tenellum on dead oak branch and Ulota crispa on oak and juniper. The latter species could easily be distinguished in the field from the much more common U. bruchii by its smaller size and smaller calyptra (1.5 mm versus 2 mm) which covers only the upper half of the capsule, whereas the calytra of U.bruchii envelopes the whole capsule. These differences support the view in Touw & Rubers (1989) that the two taxa are different at the species level.