The comprehension of species and genus has made an evolution during the last centuries. Espacial in the last decades there were great changes in biology. In paleontology this process is dropping behind. Although the paleontologist has to face many difficulties it is the opinion of the author that in future the new ideas concerning generic and specific delimitation must be handed also by paleontologists, espacial when describing a new species or genus. In nature there is diversity and unity. By neglecting the variability of specimens in a unit there soon will be a species-name for each specimen. The rules of the I.C.Z.N, are out of time. In the meantime we have to put in mind that: a. a species has to be described as a population b. a species has to be placed in its evolution-line, between the predecessors and successors. c. the genus-name must be a real part of the binomen, directing the unity.