This paper can be ordered by payment of HFl. 14.50 (members of the Natuurhistorisch Genootschap Limburg), or HFl. 19.50 (non-members) by (international) money order or by transfer on post check account 429851 of ‘Publicatiebureau Natuurhistorisch Genootschap, Groenstraat 106, 6074 EL Melick, The Netherlands. These prices include postage. The paper can also be bought in the Natural History Museum at Maastricht (prices, without postage, resp. HFl. 10.— and HFl. 15.—). The subject of the book under review is the rich and diverse echinoid fauna from the Late Cretaceous and Early Palaeocene (Campanian, Maastrichtian and Danian) of the Maastricht area in the South of the province of Limburg (The Netherlands) and of contiguous areas in West Germany and Belgium.