In this paper, the hyoid bone of Mammuthus primigenius is described and compared with that of several other elephants. Two specimens of the stylohyoid bone of Mammuthus primigenius – the first to be reported from the Netherlands – are described: one from Gewande (51°43’, 5°21’ E. long.) and one from Heerewaarden (51°48’ N. lat., 5°24’ E.long.). A review of the literature on elephant hyoid bones is given: ADAMS (1874) described the stylohyoid of Elephas melitensis, GARROD the hyoid of E. maximus (1875) and INUZUKA at al. (1975) the stylohyoid of E. naumanni from Japan. The hyoid of Mammuthus primigenius is first mentioned by VERESTSHAGIN (1977) and described rather extensively by KUBIAK (1980).